Maximising Performance for Businesses and Teams

14th July 2023
Holiday Inn London-Gatwick
8.30am – 1pm


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What you will learn...

Knowing you want and need to improve performance, and understanding the mechanics of how to do that are two very different things!

Are you confident in how to motivate and improve your team’s performance?

Does the data and KPIs you gather help you make really well-informed decisions?

We’ll show you several strategies, tactics, and techniques to better understand the factors affecting the performance of your business, team and yourself; and show you how you can move the dial on performance.

Understanding your leadership effectivness to improve your teams and business performance

Tim Rylatt, UK Growth Coach

There are multiple factors that go into making someone a good leader, business owner and team manager. It’s not all about technical skills and know-how. In Tim’s presentation he’ll explore how you can better understand yourself to be the leader your business and team needs you to be! He will look at:

Tim Rylatt is a highly experienced business coach who has worked with more than 200 companies during the past 15 years. He is also the author of 3 books that address the topics of sales skills, strategic marketing, and business growth.

Unlike many coaches, Tim is also a business owner himself, as a director in two marketing agencies, as well as his own coaching firm (which is now also a franchise).

Creating a marketing plan to target growth and play to team strengths

Henry Laker, Growth By Design

Is it marketing noise or marketing magic? The lack of a strategic plan for marketing runs the risk of wasted effort and minimal returns. Learn why it’s important to create a marketing plan to target growth and how your team can play a part in the success. In his exciting presentation, Henry Laker will explain:

Henry Laker has been involved in business marketing for more than 25 years. He has worked within the print, graphic design, website design, and broader digital sectors. During this time he has worked with hundreds of companies to help refine their brand presentation, lead generation, customer lifetime values and reputations. He has also co-authored two books on the subjects of marketing and business growth with Tim Rylatt.

Doing more with less effort - Business Automation

Tony Baulch, Ashdown Solutions – Managed IT

Everyone loves doing repetitive process-driven tasks, don’t they? Probably not! That is where business automation comes in. It frees up people’s time to spend their energy and skills on tasks that bring greater value to the business. This talk will introduce you to different types of business automation and how IT can facilitate that, as well as the business benefits.

Tony has a wealth of IT experience, starting out at British Caledonian, before working for BT and then supporting projects such as the Dartford River Crossing  and Faslane submarine shiplift. He spent 12 years in a senior role supporting retail operations of some 400 Texaco petrol stations.

With a young family, and not wanting to travel into London, he started Ashdown Solutions to look to bring his years of automation and project management skills to serve SME’s based in the Gatwick Diamond.

Know your business' numbers to improve future performance

Chris Irving, Curve Accountancy

Do you really know how your business is performing financially?

Do you know the difference between turnover, cash-flow and actual profit?

In his stimulating presentation, Chris will demonstrate the value of tax planning and financial forecasting.

He will also provide a general tax update and how it affects you and your business.

Chris Irving is a Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and has been working in the accountancy industry since he left school in 1990. He is a director of Curve Accountancy based in Crawley that specialise in owner-managed business accounts, tax and payroll.

Chris has presented several tax and accountancy seminars to individuals and business owners over the last 6 years and his engaging, straight-talking style will leave you with a better understanding of the tax legislation that directly impacts you.

The advantages of employee benefits for you and your team

Samantha Kaye, Wellesley Financial Advisors

In Sam’s presentation, she will:

Samantha is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society with over 20 years’ experience in financial services and advises clients on all aspects of wealth management. Her bespoke approach links a person’s goals, motivations and lifestyle with highly personalised financial advice.


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Lunch is provided in the main restaurant and please let us know any dietary requirements at least a week before the event.

The indicative schedule for the training event is as follows:

8.30 – 9am ——  Arrival and coffee

9am – 9.10am ——  Welcome and housekeeping

9.10am – 9.50am – Speaker 1 presentation 

9.50am – 10.30am – Speaker 2 presentation

10.30am – 10.40am – Tea and coffee break

10.40am – 11.20am —– Speaker 3 presentation

11:20am – 12pm —– Speaker 4 presentation

12pm – 12.40pm —– Speaker 5 presentation

12.40pm – 1pm —— Lunch

All proceeds from the events will go to The Chaseley Trust.

The Chaseley Trust is a unique, independent charity-owned, 55-bed nursing home.  They specialise in long-term nursing and respite care for people with complex disabilities, such as Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, spinal cord injury and degenerative neurological conditions such as Huntington’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone and Parkinson’s disease.

We are delighted to be able to support this charity.

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